Turks and Caicos resorts April 2020 Update


We hope you and your families are staying safe, healthy and positive in this challenging time. This is the latest update on the Turks and Caicos and progress at Rock House.

You should know that the country has done a commendable job of protecting its citizens from the scourge of COVID-19, with the amount of reported cases in the Turks & Caicos very low. This has partly been the result of dramatic nationwide curfews, which began March 28th as a two-week exercise, and now extended up to May 4th. During this time, we have been forced to cease on-site operations and construction at Rock House, as have all other construction projects on the island. All resorts remain closed and only essential activity is being allowed.

In this uncertain time, Rock House continues to push forward with critical behind-the-scenes work including design refinements, material procurement, marketing and public relations.

Among all this there has been some welcome news: recently the TCI Government announced its own version of an economic stimulus, introducing new incentives to encourage investment. This includes reducing the rate of stamp duty payable on real estate transfers by 50%. This attractive benefit is currently valid for a three (3) month period from April 1st, 2020 and offers potential owners a compelling opportunity. This is an initiative that has been used by previous Governments in times of needed investment.

We hope this update is of interest to you and may serve as an opportunity to own real estate in Turks and Caicos. Although this is a tough time for us all, we all know it will pass, as most crises do, in time. In the meantime, our commitment to you is to remain focused on what we set out to accomplish with Rock House: create a timeless, handmade resort property that will rival the finest in the world.

We will continue to keep you informed and as always, please do not hesitate to contact us directly with any queries.

Stay safe and well,


Mark Durliat

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